Kingsland Development: building trust and beyond

Source: South China Morning Post, 11 August 2015

Call Singapore a global business magnet or Asia’s financial hub, few would argue that the cosmopolitan city-state has caught the attention of every business.

It did not happen by chance.

Its stature in the economic world, ideal geographic location and vibrant lifestyle have made Singapore an unrivalled economic hub. Practising open and transparent policies in business dealings and transactions, the country has made trust the most important business currency.

Kingsland Development, a local company with more than 40 years in commercial and industrial development, knows the importance of laying the first brick of trust.

“Like Singapore, our company is built on a strong culture of credibility and impeccable reputation,” says Sok Hang Chaw, founder and managing director of Kingsland Development. “This culture, which will outlast any person, structure or development, is the key to sustainability.”

Being Singapore’s leading industrial property developer, Kingsland Development understands the market’s needs and offers build-to-lease properties that match clients’ expectations. From engineers to architects, the team of experts makes Kingsland Development a one-stop provider for businesses seeking assistance with Singapore’s strict regulations and high construction standards.

“Our competitive strength lies in the company spirit founded on incorruptibility and dedication to the best quality, characteristics often identified with Singapore,” says Shann Sok Aixuan, executive director.

As the rapid pace of change continues, Kingsland Development further anticipates the customers’ needs and shares expertise to upcoming markets such as China and Cambodia, where the company has various commercial projects.

“Kingsland Development builds trustworthiness by creating value, which will benefit all stakeholders in our development,” says Jeremiah Lee, executive director of overseas operations.

With Kingsland Development expanding across Asia and around the world, the company stands tall with its groundwork based on honesty, pillars strengthened by heritage, and overall structure built on uncompromising quality. A visionary and an ever-growing company that stays true to its core values, Kingsland Development is an ideal partner of multinational companies.