November Babies Celebration 2015

In the November edition of Family Care Centre Birthday Party series, we celebrated the birthday of 2 beautiful girls.

The event was organised on behalf of Fundhive, New Union, Kingsland and soBIG with the directors taking time off their busy schedules to represent the respective companies to celebrate the occasion with a total of 20 underprivileged women and children residing in FCC.

As part of the spirit of celebration, the participants were divided into two groups and engaged in two games led by members/ volunteers from FCC, and Love Action Project.

The children and women competed in a game of Draw, Act and Guess, where group members have to guess what their group leader was drawing, describing and acting. The games were simple yet enjoyable, and it was heartening to see everyone participating in the game sportingly.

The birthday celebration was next, with two of the November Birthday Girls making birthday wishes. Mr Jeremiah Lee, Director, Kingsland Global presented each birthday girl with a set of gift vouchers. The participants of the games also walked away with a small goodie bag to reward their completion of each game station.

Next up, the kids try their hands with DIY Popiah Party where they had to wrap their own popiah. The kids had fun adding the ingredients and rolling the popiah skin. Of course, the popiah turn up in various shapes and sizes.

This event was especially meaningful as the directors and volunteers not only provided an avenue of celebration for the women and children, but also engaged them in deeper conversations to understand the challenges they were facing.

The event was greatly appreciated by the staff and rep of the FCC. A meaningful Saturday for everyone who volunteered at the FCC, and yet another successful event that highlights unconditional giving to our society.

Watch out for our next event in December!