Sports Day @ Kid’s Loft

On 7 Sep 15, Directors and Staff from Fundhive/New Union/Edifice/Kingsland/soBIG jointly sponsored, organised and participated in a Sports Day event together with 40 underprivileged children from Kid’s Loft.

Celebrating the first day of their one-week holiday break in September, every one, decked in their casual sports gear, (some still in office attires!) became team leaders and fellow teammates with the children for the day.

With fearsome names like:┬ ‘Black Tiger’, ‘Fantastic’, ‘Lion’, ‘Cheetah’, ‘Terrific Two’, and ‘Golden Sonic’, the teams went on to compete in two Tele-matches. These matches require every one to not only work together as a team, but also perform as individuals as well.

It was extremely exciting and fun for both adults and children as they interacted through the playing of a fusion of old school (Red Indian, Giant Jenga, Giant Pick up Sticks) and modern (Hula Hoops, Basket Ball, Horseshoe, Giant Scrabble) games.

The day ended with many surprises as each team was not only awarded with prizes, but also given a chance to break some pi├▒atas for sweets and chocolates all round! In addition, each child was also treated to a McDonald’s Happy Meal after the games to give their tummy a good treat!

It was a very fulfilling experience for everyone who participated at the event. Indeed, all of the staff found the children to be very optimistic albeit the demands and challenges they are currently facing in their respective lives.

Through deeper conversations with City Community Service representatives, we gathered that a few children had recently experienced the lost of a parent, and there were even some who could only afford a single meal a day. With that, it made giving and participating at the event way more meaningful.

Indeed, the event was greatly appreciated by Ms Sally, staff and rep of the City Community Services for Kid’s Loft. She shared: “Its really a wonderful effort by everyone. The kids feel so loved and happy. On behalf of Kid’s Loft, I would like to thank everyone from Fundhive/New Union/Edifice/Kingsland/soBIG* for the blessings bestowed to them”┬Ł.

A wonderful way to start a Monday, and a true testament of our company’s spirit to always remember to give, whenever we can, and in whatever capacity we can.